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Barry Lewis, P.E., LEED AP BD&C
email: barry@lewiseng.net

Lewis  Engineering Associates, Inc. is the leading Mechanical, Electrical and  Plumbing engineering design firm in the Southern Maryland region.  Led  by Barry Lewis, P.E., LEED AP, all of LEA’s design work is performed by  degreed engineers. The design team is headed by registered professional  engineers each with over 30 yrs of experience.

Over  the past 30 years, Lewis Engineering has completed design of many  landmark projects throughout the region from office parks, schools,  courthouses, churches, and restaurants to industrial facilities, medical  offices, government buildings and recreational use facilities, some of  which are shown in the following pages.

Lewis  Engineering relies on a high volume of return business and referrals  from satisfied clients. Indeed LEA has never advertised or relied on  marketing to attract business. Customer satisfaction comes from a  determined approach to design first class systems that are inexpensive  to install and maintain, and efficient to operate. This comes from the  philosophy of putting ourselves in the position of the building owner.   Likewise, the corporate philosophy is to run the business efficiently  and to simply give our customers the service they want, when they want  it and at a fee that won’t negatively impact their budget.  And due to  our deep immersion in the local market our services are also  simply defined as we know what it takes to complete a project without  repeated submissions or design change orders. Simply put, we provide a  hassle free experience.